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BWPeterY-7-2-2609081026-OMy name is Peter Young. I help (coach) working experts learn to sell their ideas and services.

For 20 or so years of my working life, I’ve been a professional salesman; the balance of my career has been spent in purchasing, where I have been sold to by other professional sales people.

I know about the sometimes-painful journey from novice to master (believe me when I tell you how awful I was when I started out. Picture a 15-year-old nerdy guy calling the class beauty, asking for a date to the prom, and you’ll have the flavor of my first few sales calls).

Thing is, there is a reason why universities don’t offer bachelor’s degrees in sales like they do in accounting or marketing. Selling is 80% behavior and 20% knowledge, despite what all the fancy sales training gurus will tell you. And behavior takes time to master. Nobody picks up a golf club and after a few lessons shoots scratch golf.

Lucky for most of us who choose a career in sales, this all-important training comes from the companies who employ us as a matter of course. We learn to apply our training on the job by selling every day, day in and day out; and as the experience piles up, the successful members of our profession almost always develop a method of work (sometimes unconsciously, sometimes deliberately). This training pattern ensures we each have a repeatable personalized method that allows us to go about taking care of a customer, ensuring results. Successful selling is part art and part science, and while it can’t be taught, it can be learned.

And what about you?

You might be an electrician or an accountant, a beautician or a lawyer. You’re an expert in your field. Maybe you’ve spent thousands of hours learning to craft websites.

That expertise can only carry you so far. You’ll need clients to fully realize success from the skills and knowledge you’ve sweated to learn.

The bad news is that you need to learn to sell. And if you’re in the service business, EVERTHING you do is selling or marketing.

The good news is that you can learn.

You are the reason I’ve developed a learning structure I call The Different Game.

The Different Game : Developing your “Method of Work”

A Street Smart Guide to Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Most folks play the Same Game – that’s the game where you go head to head with the competition. You market by reaction. They lower a price you match it. You offer the same services. You advertise using the same media. You even hire and train the same employees. The thing is that the big guys seem to always win… while the small merely subsist.

In today’s market, it’s poison to copy the competition. Think about it. How does a consumer decide where to buy if there’s no difference between the choices? You know what the answer is: price becomes the driver and big bucks advertising the vehicle.

There must be a better way. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could figure out a way to have an advantage – a sustainable advantage?

That’s the beauty of Competitive Advantage: when you have it, you capture the value you add to your customer as profit. You don’t give it away in discounts.

When you play The Different Game, You decide the playing field. You make the decision when to start and how to keep score. In short, you’re in control.

And I can help you to learn to play it.

Ask yourself…

  Is your business an adventure…or just a job?

  Do you feel successful or stressed?

  Would your customers fight to keep you in business?

  Are you taking full advantage of your size?

  Do you know how to listen to your market?


No?? Perhaps you need to learn to play

The Different Game


Rules & Tools:

  • Developing a YOU INC attitude.
  • Creating a truly effective Elevator Speech (and delivery techniques)
  • Interviewing (qualifying) methods
  • Networking do’s and don’ts
  • Generating referrals
  • Turning objections into sales
  • Cold (shudder) Calling
  • Marketing Strategy and Tactics
  • Self Management and Selling
  • Closing myths and methods
  • Your Sales personality
  • Customer personality types- how to sell (communicate to each one)
  • Listening vs Hearing
  • Features, Advantages and Benefits what they really mean
  • The Street Smart Selling System
  • Take a Chance

I realize that trust is difficult to come by on the wonderful world of the web. While I’m here with my fingers raised in the Scout Salute, assuring you that I’m the second coming of Peter Drucker, it’s possible that you may have your doubts…

I suggest you read some of the articles I’ve written. If you’re interested, here’s the deal: give me a call and we will discuss your challenges. The first hour is free. And at the very least you’ll come away with a little better understanding of your situation. Best case scenario, you’ll have an experienced mentor in your corner to help you navigate your business…